About Us

CSTOREBUDDY is part of BL GLOBAL CORP the largest independent DSD (Direct Store Delivery) distributor of convenience and dollar store products in Florida. All online order are distribute from our main facility located in Miami.

CSTOREBUDDY is our online sales rep in charge to deliver our top quality impulse items and programs nationwide with the help of top technology and alliances in order to deliver great satisfaction for our customers.

We carry a extensive product line that includes products from leading CSTORE brands such as Original Gourmet Foods, Kids Mania, Scent Bomb, Zengaz and hundreds more.

If you are looking for a reliable source of impulse items and program at the checkout that can offer competitive pricing, comprehensive product variety, and outstanding service then CSTOREBUBBY is for you. We have an in stock availability of over 95% of our products and most orders are shipped within 1 business day.

We began operating from as a DSD wholesale distributor in Miami Florida in 2001. Starting out as a local DSD source for consumer electronics for our brand Panther Wireless. We have always been dedicated to building long term relationships with our clients by providing high quality service at very competitive prices. We conduct business in an honest and ethical manner. Through constant innovation and improvement in sales and operations we were able to extend our distribution service nationwide with our online sales rep CSTOREBUDDY.

Our ability to source and manage a unique mix of products and fast selling items, our effective inventory management, and competitive prices has enabled us to service a national network of regional wholesalers, rack jobbers, cash n carry outlets, convenience stores, Dollar Stores, and many others.
We offer a full online catalog that lists our entire product line. You can also meet us at the major industry trade show venues.

We deliver freight free for orders over $250. We use Common Carriers, UPS, UPS and DHL for areas outside our delivery area.

We sell only wholesale to business customers and value seeker customer. You must apply for a web account and get approved before you will be able to view our wholesale product offering and pricing. Once your registration is approved you will then be able to view pricing and order online. If you have an existing account with us then you can request to activate your web access with your account manager or anyone in our customer service office, just call (855) 507-2684 .